Five people injured by rubber bullets in ninth demolition of El Arakib

Large forces destroyed this morning (16.1 at 0800) the shacks in El Arakib for the ninth time 

For the first time in El Arakib police fired rubber bullets on the residents who refused evacuation. Five people were injured and were taken to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba

Large police forces entered the village this morning accompanied by tractors and trucks of the Jewish National Fund. For the first time, they evacuated the remains of earlier ruins and began to prepare the ground for planting. It seems that their intention is to take over the area before Tu B'Shvat and prevent residents from rebuilding tents and sheds as they did after previous demolitions. JNF is building adjacent to the El Arakib cemetery a parking lot for their heavy vehicles, storage spaces and accommodations for their people.

Residents El Arakib, volunteers and supporters are organizing a protest near the village.

Negev Coexistence Forum reported that the residents were left homeless, in severe winter weather, stunned by the intensity of evil that was directed towards them while they are occupied in mourning the death of one of Sheikh Sayah brothers who died a few days ago.

The Residents to El Arakib currently need all the help that they can get. They call Jewish and Arab citizens to stand by to their side against government's cruelty.

large police presence guarding JNF workers and equipment is still in place in this time.

More images and story in Arabic in Panet

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